Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

Learn how to create
websites that rock

Develop real world web applications from day one

Have a fun experience while you learn how to create modern websites

Use professional tools right from the beginning

Start Now And Learn How to Develop Killer Websites - It's Free!
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Forget dull textbooks. Killer Web Development is fun. It tells the story of John Tukker, an aspiring internet millionaire and his lead developer - you.

Killer Web Development doesn't require any programming skills.

If you are able to open programs on your computer and know what folders are, you are perfectly qualified for Killer Web Development.

Killer Web Development is work in progress. Stay tuned for new chapters.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to web2py
1.2 How to use this book
1.3 Start your engines
1.4 Deploying your first app
1.5 Conclusion
2 Getting your development tools
2.1 One editor to rule them all
2.2 Browser Wars
2.3 Version control with Mercurial
2.4 Exercises
2.5 BONUS: Using web2py with Cygwin
3 An App For A Pitch
3.1 Planning the pitch app
3.2 Creating the pitch app
3.3 How all this stuff works
3.4 Making mistakes
3.5 Conclusion
3.6 Exercises
4 Structure, Design and Tests
4.1 Defining the applications structure
4.2 Designing the tukker app
4.3 Testing the Tukker App
4.4 Conclusion
4.5 Exercises
5 HTML, CSS and static pages
5.1 More complete tests for the homepage
5.2 HTML and more Tests
5.3 Filling and Styling the Layout
5.4 Getting slightly more dynamic
5.5 Conclusion
5.6 Exercises
6 Getting Pythonic
6.1 Data Types and Variables
6.2 Python Constructs and Logic
6.3 Conclusion
6.4 Exercises
7 The Users
7.1 Registering Users
7.2 User Model
7.3 Showing Profile Pages
7.4 Conclusion
7.5 Exercises
8 User microposts
8.1 The Model for Tukker Posts
8.2 Creating the message model
8.3 Creating Tukker Messages
8.4 Conclusion
8.5 Exercises
Appendix: All Wiki Pages

Killer Web Development supports your learning success. It uses an informal style with lot's of examples and lot's of exercises - this way it's very easy to understand and remember the subject matter.

Learn web development application

The hand drawn graphics make the learning process diverse and entertaining - your brain will like it.

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