Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

1 Introduction

Welcome to Killer Web Development: Learn how to develop real world web applications. This book answers the question: "What is the easiest way to develop web applications like Twitter, Facebook or Basecamp?" By the time you finish this tutorial, you will be able to develop and deploy your own web applications. The only prerequisites for this book are your enthusiasm and that you have basic knowledge how to use your computer.
You should know:

  • how to open programs
  • find files on you computer
  • what a folder is
  • download software from the internet

develop web applications to change the world

Killer Web Development is structured in a linear way. It tells the story of John Tuker and his way to change the world (an get rich) with his brand new web startup; therefore he needs a developer (you) that helps him to develop his killer idea.

In this first chapter, John and you will setup everything you need to work and play around with web2py (web application framework we will use). You will then develop and deploy your first web2py-application first. John wants you to learn about the capabilities of web2py.

In the second part John wants to build a pitch application for his new startup, to show it to investors and raise money. John doesn't care to much about polishing the code and controlling every part of the code. So you will use as much web2py defaults as posible to save time. As a whise CEO something tells John we should use good software practice from the start. So we will develop our pitch app with a sane development environment und put it under version control with Mercurial and will deploy it on the web.

The tukker app will be his killer website, where he will revolutionize it all. The tukker web application will be developed through the rest of the book, the techniques you and John are learning on this way, will be a solid foundation; no matter what web application projects you will develop in the future.

Books often read by web2py and Python experts:


  1. This is really nice. I have comment and a request. The license is now LGPL so you may want to update that. How about we turn this also into a PDF file? I can help you do it, contact me if you want to discuss it.

  2. I will change the license. Regarding the pdf: I was actually wondering how did with the web2py book. I will definitly publish different formats. Do you think I should wait as until the book is finished with pdf and epub files?

  3. *First of all: my english when it comes to writing is a lot rusty... I am a good listener, not a good speaker. Sorry for the mistakes in advance... I come from a pure PHP+HTML+CSS background but at the moment I'm trying to jump into frameworks and Python (why focus all your time and study on a language that only lets you develop for the web - PHP - when with Python - for example - all your study will open ilimited doors (web, desktop, mobile...etc)? After a lot of reasearch, and after a lot of study of Python (and my first snake game, for study), I felt in love with Web2Py philosophy. Its all a PHP developer could dream for. I dont need to reinvent the wheel each time I need to creat a new website from ground one, that was great for learning purposes, but for repetitive development it is tedious. One thing I was in real need was real examples and tutorials where one builds a real website from ground zero with web2py. The oficial book is great, but gluing everything togheter and jumping from theory to reality is a little hard at the beginning. So this website is excellent!!!! I am just writing this to say a Thank you for all your time and patience making this tutorial. For me, I learned a lot and was totaly worth it. I read all 5 chapters and will come from time to time to read future ones. Regards from a Portuguese webmaster jumping to web2py.

  4. Paulo, you are very welcome!

  5. Very good guide and has helped me a lot as a beginner. Have tweeted this site as I am sure it will help others to get started with web2py and web development. Thanks!

  6. - how to open programms(programs) - what a filder(folder) is

  7. Dear Marco. Please continue this great tutorial very soon. Thanks

  8. Marco great tutorial it really helped a lot I am looking forward to more parts. The Part about test driven development was really helpfull. A part for emailing would be really nice. you could integrate it in your blog for notifying people about updates^^

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