Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

1.1 Introduction to web2py

web2py development framework

web2py was created by Massimo Di Pierrro in 2008. Since its debut it has got a lot of track in the Python and web develpment community. Projects developed with web2py include,,

Why is web2py so great for you or an aspiring internet billionair like John. web2py is 100\% open-source and licensed under the LGPL, this means you are allowed to use, copy und distribute web2py for free, you can view and change the code as you wish, as long as you redistribute it under the GPLv2 license. There is one exception to this limitation: all applications developed with web2py can distributed under any license - including closed-source and commercial license. This way John is able to hide his secret tuker app.

Another great advantage is the ease of use of web2py. It get's you started in no time and helps you to get things done. web2py stands on the shoulders of giants (like Python and incorporates new trends in web development very fast. Nonetheless web2py has not broken backwards compatibility since it's first release in 2008 - a major feature of web2py.

web development giants

Finally web2py has a helpful und very enthusiastic community, that answers question on the web2py mailinglist very fast and provides free applications, plugins for web2py and recipes to common web2py problems at a high rate.

Books often read by web2py and Python experts:


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