Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

1.2 How to use this book

As mentioned before this book has no prerequisites except your curiosity and a basic computer knowledge. However there some things you should keep in mind when working with Killer Web Development:

Write the code, don't copy and paste

To learn programming it's important to write code and use you text editor. It is not enough to just copy and paste the examples. Writing the code by yourself will help you remembering the things you learn in the book. Sometimes when looking for mistakes it's ok to copy the code, this is why code examples are writen in a copy and paste friendly way - line numbers don't get copied with the code.

Exercises are mandatory

The few exercises in the book are a must. It's like learning playing the guitar, no one ever got good at it from just reading books. The same applies to programming.

They exercises will help you to understand the concepts of their respective chapters.

Conventions used in this book

This book has 3 mentionable conventions

  1. the author is an Ubuntu guy and likes to use terminal commands. Linux and Mac users shouldn't have any problems adapt to the terminal usage. For Windows users there will be special advice where needed throughout the book.
  2. terminal commands look like this ( the Dollar sign is not part of the command) :

    $ python

  3. code looks like this:

    db = DAL('sqlite://storage.sqlite')

Books often read by web2py and Python experts:


  1. ( the is not part of the command) : -->Should be ( the "$" is not part of the command)

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