Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

1.4 Deploying your first app

Now with our great first app, it's time to deploy. This step is optional, but it's good practice to deploy often, to check for problems early in the development process. There a many ways to deploy a web2py app, at the moment my favorite is to use But you can use any web server with Python installed and even use Google's App Engine. Look for the deployment recipies in the web2py documentation.

First we have to package first: Go to (and eventually login), click on Pack all in the first section, download the w2p-package.

package web2py application

Go to, sign-up,

creating pythonanywhere development account for web projects

go to the Web tab, klick on the New Web2py App button, fill in your admin password and click on the Next button. pythonanywhere creates your new project.

In the project overview click on Setup and on the Featured tab, search for web2py and click Install. It takes a view seconds and web2py is installed. You can now click on the link at the top, to see your installation.

cloud hosting web2py installation

Now go to the website's admin interface at, notice the https - for security reasons web2py doesn't let you log in without SSL-certification. Login with your admin password.

To install our first app, got to the Upload and install packed application section on the right side, give your app a name (first), click the Choose File, select the w2p-file youdownloaded and click Install.

upload web app to web2py app admin

Tada, your first application is online, go to to see if everything looks alright - now you are done, your first website is online. John is proud of you.

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