Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

2.2 Browser Wars

As a browser we will use Firefox. For our purposes we will need the Firebug-Extension. Firebug allows us to analyse webpages and inspect certain HTML elements.

Got to an click the Install Firebug button, a few seconds later Firefox will show you a warning, accept with Install Now.

You can toggle Firebug with F12 key. With Firebug you can now inspect the install button. Press Ctrl-Shift-C and click the Install Firebug button. You should see this information about the button:

  • the button is an a-Element (anker), that points to
  • the styles of the button (color: #ffffff, etc.)

firefox firebug web2py application development

Most other web browsers come with similar development tools build in, but no one measures up to Firefox + Firebug in comfort and features.

There are several Firebug plugins for special web development purposes available, but for now the basic setup is just fine.

Books often read by web2py and Python experts:


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