Killer Web Development

by Marco Laspe

7.5 Exercises

  1. Think of ideas of additional database field for the user model. Which fields would create value for the user. Which fields would be nice to have.

  2. Read about Python's os module. Use the official Python documentation: Maybe you find some cool other recources on the internet.

  3. Read the chapter about web2py's database abstraction layer in the web2py book. Make sure you understand how web2py connects to the database, the db()-function and how you do queries in web2py.

  4. Read about Errors and Exceptions in Python. Use this knowledge to change the profile function, that it shows the profile of the current user, if there is no args[0] in the request. Hint: You want to use the try-except clause for the error handling.

Books often read by web2py and Python experts:


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